The Personal Finance Planner, Teal Blue

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Plan your days and your money in the same place.

When you plan out your schedule for the month, doesn't it make sense to take your money into account too? Planning your life is planning your money. So doesn't it make sense to plan them in the same place?

This planner takes a completely different approach to all other planners on the market. When you plan out your year, months, weeks, and days, money is involved in just about every activity. When you set goals - big and small - money is almost always involved in some way.

The Personal Finance Planner recognizes that life and money are intertwined. Set your budget at the same time you plan out your month. Track progress on financial goals - whether you are paying down debt, or saving for the future.


  • Will work for any 12 month period (not just calendar year)
  • Detailed budget for each month
  • Goal setting page for each month
  • Monthly calendar for each month
  • 5 weekly calendar for each month
  • Grocery shopping list for each week
  • 8 cash envelopes with stickers to assign the category
  • Monthly debt tracker
  • Hard cover

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Why choose me to help?

About Lauren

As someone who was once over $40,000 in debt, I developed systems and strategies to work my way out. The same proven strategies have helped thousands of other busy moms pay down debt, take back control of their budgets, and have financial freedom!

When I was getting out of debt I could not find a financial coach that covered everything that I needed.

So I decided to create it instead.

That is how my debt free coaching company was formed!


"Lauren is the Brene Brown of Personal Finance! Before the working with her, I had the pressure every single day on how to manage money. The way she broke everything down to a manageable level each week made it so easy to tackle.
The pressure is now gone and the plan is in action. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."


"I never stuck with a budget before working with Lauren because it always seemed too complicated and hard to keep track of everything. She taught me how to budget effectively and easily.
I feel in control of my finances for the first time in my life!"


Real Life
Financial Help

From someone who has been there and gotten out!