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All 4 Slow Cooker Dump Meal Plans (reg price $23.88)!

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*digital download*

These meal plans have saved thousands of families so much money and time. And in this offer only, you can get digital copies of my absolute 4 best meal plans together for one price!

40 different AMAZING slow cooker recipes. And 4 meal plans specifically set up for you to prepare 20 meals in about 3 hours or less. Each meal plan contains:

  • Shopping list
  • Pantry list
  • "One-Touch" prep system, where you will only touch each ingredient once. You will prepare 20 meals using 5 tables. It's so easy.
  • Detailed instructions for cooking each recipe.
  • Meals are designed for a family of 4-6, but can easily be doubled or halved.

This will change your life!

*note - these are digital copies, not physical books*